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"Hands On with the new Responsiveness Metrics", Hongbo Song (@HongboSong)

In the new responsiveness metrics, we measure the latency of user interactions, how your customers navigate and act on your website, rather than individual events. A user interaction, such as tap (click), drag, and keyboard interaction, usually triggers multiple events.

"We Love Speed 2021 (detailed notes)", Tim Carry (@pixelastic)

Today in Lyon, France, was the We Love Speed conference. Its focus is on everything related to web performance. Even if the conference talks were only in French, I'll do this recap in English, to let more people learn from it.

"Performance Implications of JavaScript Errors", Amit Singh (@sans_colon)

We see in the data that the presence of certain errors lead to actions of user frustration that have bottom line implications for the business serving the site. The two most prominent cases of this are reloads and abandonwments (page exits).”
Why? Because this is pretty hard to “understand” that the page exit or the reload in the SR.
Indeed, we just see the error at the very last second and boom, finish (or next replay start in case of reload)