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Today - 09/29/2023

"The Ultimate Low-Quality Image Placeholder Technique", Harry Roberts (

Great explanation on how to generate and use as a background the smallest possible legitimate LCP image placeholder while waiting for our full-resolution image to arrive. While I admire the thoroughness of the article, I'm overcome by a feeling of sadness: I absolutely believe that this should be the role of a progressive image format, and not the shenanigans of front-end developers.

"We're Bringing Responsive Video Back!", Scott Jehl (

[…] I filed an issue on the WhatWG's HTML working standard asking the WhatWG to reinstate the feature in the HTML spec, which received some nice discussion from the community.

[…] What happens now is the change has made its way into the respective browsers' backlogs, which is awesome, but there's no indication of a timeline or priority for when the changes will be made.

[…] That is, if you're able to use streaming video protocols, by all means, do that!